Giving Children a Healthy World

Inspiring parents, teachers, and communities to make the difference of a lifetime. Rainey Wikstrom's services and programs are ideal for school, home and worksite settings. Join her in creating 1000 Healthy Schools.

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For Educators

Schools are uniquely situated to influence the health and well-being of Children. When kids consume healthy foods and play every day, they not only feel better, they perform better too.

For Parents

Creating a healthy home environment can simplify healthy choices and create a foundation for lifetime health. Learn more about what you can do to give your children a healthy home where they can thrive.

For Professionals

Employees are just little kids-- in bigger bodies. Just like schools and homes, 'big kids' need a healthy work environment too. When healthy choices are made easy, employees feel better and enjoy peak performance.

Connect with Rainey

To learn more about what you can do to create a healthy home, school, worksite or community, click here to contact Rainey.

1000 Healthy Schools is the story of how one parent, equipped with nothing more than a good idea, can transform a culture of cupcakes and candy into a culture of healthy foods and active lifestyles. If Rainey can do it, you can too! Join the movement!